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At Greydoor Publishing, we care about our partners and have a responsibility to help provide sensible and safe solutions for our hotel partners, and their guests.

During the COVID-19 global pandemic, we have a heightened focus on the safety of our print materials and have been working with clients to support them through this difficult time.

Key to this is to ensure our magazines are safe for our partner hotels to distribute to their guests. We are always at the forefront of technology and have been working diligently with our print suppliers to provide sensible solutions.



Through the COVID-19 epidemic we have teamed up with industry leading companies and have worked meticulously to provide appropriate and safe solutions for our hotels and their guests.

Through working with these pioneer, award winning companies we are able to offer a wide variety of innovative products to help protect our clients.

These materials are scientifically proven to provide long-lasting and effective antimicrobial protection to printed materials and are effective at fighting harmful bacteria and fungus, making them perfect for the hospitality industry.


Through working with our partners, we are able to continue to safely provide all of our printed Magazines, Guides and other printed materials. We achieve this through a range of antimicrobial coatings, varnishes and laminates which seal the publications and reduce cross contamination. These are available in a variety of finishes and allow us to continue to provide our print materials at the highest possible level.

They are ideal for the hospitality industry and allow the publications to be used as a single use item or can help provide an additional level of durability where the publication needs to be used on more than one occasion.

In some cases, we are able to offer a plastic wrap for our Magazine and Guide product, ensuring these become a single use item, distributed from the hotels front desk & concierge desk, and other strategic touch points throughout the lobby of the hotel. 


Our range of innovative products are based on silver and it's ability to remove bacteria.

Silver particles are printed on the substrate, allowing it to attack any bacteria present. It works by rupturing the bacteria’s cell membrane, immobilises the bacteria by draining it of oxygen and destroys the reproductive receptor. 

Including Silver significantly reduces the presence of potentially harmful bacteria on printed materials.  

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Contact us to learn more about our antimicrobial print solutions and find out if this is the right solution for your hotel


We have a responsibility to our hotels and their guests and have worked diligently through this pandemic to provide sensible solutions to make the publications a safe source of local information.  

The antibacterial coatings allow our publications and the valuable content within to be enjoyed in virtually the same way as they were before any concerns or restrictions were put in place.

In a time when some roles and resources within a hotel are under additional pressure or no longer available, this valuable source of verified information is even more important. It helps guide and entertain a guest while they are in unfamiliar surroundings.  

The new treatments and processes we have put in place for our range of products allow us to continue to support our partners and their guests safely.


While social distancing and other mandatory restrictions have been strictly enforced for our own safety, COVID-19 has also brought communities closer together than ever before.  

As we begin to embrace the "new normal" and people start to feel more comfortable traveling, hotels will continue to work with local businesses to not only keep their guests safe but also provide a level as service that is close normal as possible.

Simultaneously, local businesses must find new ways to operate and attract guests to their properties & services, allowing them to recover from any impact seen from COVID-19 or business downturn.  

 The Concierge magazine provides a print and digital platform to communicate how you are operating safely and allows you to further partner with the hotel and build a valuable relationship.


We have a responsibility to help the hotels we call our partners, to find sensible solutions to the sharing of important information while also keeping their guests safe.

The publications we offer come with an antimicrobial coating, allowing guests to safely interact with them and to benefit from their content in the same way they ever would.

At a time when guests may not have access to the concierge or front desk team, a valuable source of verified information helps to guide and entertain the hotel guests while they are in unfamiliar surroundings.  

Hotel guests are what gives a hotel it’s vibrancy and make it a place others want to gather. The publications for the guests have always been valued and it was imperative we continued to make them available under any circumstances.

The digital and print materials made available continue to guide a guest as to the best the location has to offer and answers many questions that may never have been asked.

The Concierge magazine....Still an essential part of a hotel’s offering and now with essential considerations that reassure.


With a heightened focus on digital tools, we have re-evaluated our entire digital ecosystem to better serve our hotel and advertising clients.  

Our suite of innovative, digital publications provide a fully responsive, interactive publication that is available to view and download on most devices.  

As opposed to the print solutions, we are able to add video content, virtual hotel tours, social media and other direct click through functionalities. We also provide access to compelling analytical reports to help our clients track revenue and conversions.  

The magazine is easy to embed into a hotels website, email signature and social media outlets, to share the same amazing content as the printed Magazine with their guests, on their own devices, and without any risk of contamination.